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Digiskills provides training, coaching and work experience in digital. We believe everybody deserves the opportunity to thrive in the modern world of work with skills relevant for today’s job market.

We offer high-quality, bespoke courses and workshops on a range of topics including web design, search optimisation, ppc & content creation as well as free non-commercial courses aimed at helping people of all ages stay safe and benefit from the opportunities an increasingly connected world offers. Our team has extensive experience working in digital agencies which ensures we’re teaching up-to-date skills that are highly sought after by employers across the UK.

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Simple, effective, bite sized digital skills training, designed to help you break the algorithm and get ahead online.

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Amazing experience ! Thanks so much I’m so happy with my new website and have learned so much along the way…
thanks for being so patient with all my silly questions too!
I highly recommend Tony to anyone looking for a new website and/or wanting to learn the tools needed to build one and keep it up to date xx